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Civic Involvement

Broaden WHS students' understanding of their local community and encourage them to be key players in planning for their future.

Civic Engagement Committee Members:
Liz Kuemmerer, Cathy Plowden, Esther Phillips, Butch Clay

Committee Goal Areas

Voter Registration
The committee will host a week-long voter registration drive at WHS March 2-6, 2020.

Work with Theater and Art departments to create videos and visuals that highlight the importance of voting and encourage high school students to register to vote.

Work with History and Social Studies teachers to bring local leaders into WHS to talk with students in class and during lunch.

Service Learning
This is a great way for students to be more well rounded.

The Civic Engagement Committee promotes all kinds of Service Learning projects.

School Clubs
The Civic Engagement Committee encourages more clubs to come on the scene at WHS.

Teen Leadership
The Committee is working with local 4-H to provide leadership training for our SIC students.