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Water Quality

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At the beginning of the semester all Green Steps students participated in an Adopt A Stream training with our local 4H educators Mallory Dailey, and her intern Anaston Broome. All students earned their Adopt A Stream certification in Habitat Assessment, Chemical and Bacterial Testing. As AAS certificate holders, students could test creeks outside of class!
Zach Nemec is a watershed scientist from Clemson’s Center of Watershed Excellence. He came out to give our Green Steps class more information about the governance of watersheds and how to navigate the Adopt a Stream website to enter their citizen science stream data.
Emily Pomeroy is a program associate for the Chattooga Conservancy, a grassroots nonprofit specific to protecting the Chattooga River. Emily gave a talk about her watershed data collecting experience, the development of the Warwoman Watershed Plan and mitigations efforts around her findings.
Our Environmental Science classes learned about the biodiversity of macroinvertebrates and their differing sensitivities to pollutants, oxygen rich and deprived stream environments. Local Adopt A Stream mentors, Denise and Andy Chesson, helped students key out the macros and tally up our stream count.

Water Quality DO
Students conducted habitat assessments, chemical and bacterial test and uploaded data for four local creeks before schools closed for the coronavirus pandemic. Williams Creek is on Campus and is monitored monthly by Green Steps and Earth Science classes. Green Steps added Cane Creek by Sertoma Field, Flat Shoals and the North Fork of the Little River into our monitored sites. When we go back next year we hope to continue our efforts to monitor the added creeks in our Lake Keowee Watershed. 

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Jeanne Craig,
Apr 27, 2020, 7:54 AM