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GT Art RePurpose Projects
May 15, 2018
The Art 3H/Gifted and Talented students at WHS created recycled ocean creatures this semester. They discussed the effects of plastic and other types of trash on our earth. Then, they observed the recycled works of a local artist, David Edgar, from Charlotte, N.C. who takes all types of plastic bottles and containers and reimagines them as tropical fish, lobsters, birds, and so much more. The students at Walhalla discovered how to take plastic bottles that pollute our environment and repurpose them into whimsical sculptures. After researching and sketching their designs, they cut apart brightly colored detergent bottles and plastic drink bottles, bending and embellishing them to look like tropical fish and other sea creatures. In addition to helping the environment, students engaged in extensive problem solving and collaboration as they worked together to secure their sculptures. Our recycled projects are now on display in the main lobby of the school. We have also planned to include their projects on our TV monitors throughout the school to teach the importance of recycling and to demonstrate how plastics can be repurposed.

student with sculpture 1

student with sculpture 2