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Reduce Waste Share Table 2020

WHS Conserve: Reduce Waste, Share Table at School and at Home

Learn at WHS
Earth Science teachers coupled our geosphere unit with soil health, food waste and composting. Students watched videos detailing the complexity of the food waste issues in the US. Students learned that consumer demand for size, shape requirements of produce generates lots of waste. Students also learn about the pricing, demand and the gaps that exists between the two which leads to a lot of wasted crops. We pivoted towards an obvious solution at school the cafeteria share table. We brainstormed with the lunch ladies about the placement of the share table in the lunch room because unwanted food didn’t end up at the share table. More often than not fruit and unwanted items ended up at the condiment and napkin area. A decision was made to move the share table so that it was in front the condiment area. Students suggested making informational memos for each basket so students could help keep the table and baskets organized.
Learn at Home
The first at home assignment for Green Steps students was to read the Don’t Waste Food SC pamphlet. Students were instructed to clean out their fridge and organize it to lengthen the life of the food inside. Lots of learning on the which fruits accelerate the ripening process and where in the heck to put veggies so they don’t wilt. Students also got in the know about the confusing differences among date and safety labels found on all food items.
Reduce Food Waste at School DO
Every day after breakfast and after lunch a group of students would collect the items leftover from the share table. Students would chop it up, eat it, feed it to our vermicompost bins and or take it outside to our roller bin. Students competed for the opportunity to get out of class to get the goods from the lunchroom, have fun social time chopping up fruits with friends and lastly to check up on the composting process.
Reduce Food Waste at Home DO
Students were asked to share before and after pictures of cleaning and organizing the fridge to minimize food waste. Students were also asked to keep a food waste diary detailing how much food their family throws away with each meal, how they disposed of it and the estimated cost. Parents especially liked this activity because it encouraged students to help out with household chores 😊.

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Jeanne Craig,
Apr 28, 2020, 9:08 AM