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Conserve Recyle OnSite 2020

WHS Conserve: Recycle On-site, Off-site and Mail in Recycling
Maureen Whitman and Christina Passafaro came out to Walhalla High to give a presentation on Solid Waste and Recycling in Oconee County. The presentation covered a range of topics the history of waste management in our county to the type of landfill we have, to what is in the trash they collect and the amount of money we spend to send our waste to a residential landfill. Students got to interact at the end of the presentation to win prizes (they really perked up for this part!) You can see all the students up at the board competing to see you know how long it takes certain household items to degrade. Also featured is one of the lovely winners of a reusable water something that should be issued to all students at registration!

Learn At
We’ve been trying to tackle lunchroom plastics and also snack bag recycling. I collaborated with our media specialist, Rhonda Smith to create a virtual lesson to address both issues using persuasive letter writing. Mrs. Smith put together a screencastify video detailing the ins and outs of researching and the necessary structure of a persuasive letter. Students were given the option to address either plastic in the lunchroom or the need for zero waste boxes to capture all of our snack bags sold by our snack carts. Attached is Mrs. Smith’s video as part of the Learn part of this at home project.

Recycling DO
We already have an amazing collection system in place for weekly collection of classroom plastics 1-6 and paper. Although our teacher breakrooms had recycling bins our team decided to touch them up with better signage and organize the area to help with the collection process. We also wanted to offer a new opportunity in our teacher break rooms to collect something that ends up in the plastic recycling bin but doesn’t belong there; plastic film! We made lots of signs for our plastic films bins and took the time to create some sorting games for what we can and cannot recycle at WHS.

Once we had new signs and bins in place in the library, teacher breakrooms and the front office work room we realized that our biggest meeting place the professional development room also need both bins and signs. A group of student’s spray painted our stylish logo on the bins and created so attractive signage so that it would be clear what goes in each bin. We let all of our collection teams know about the new bin locations and our new waste stream!

After getting everything in place we made a game that we saw at molded at a Litter Free Football Game hosted by Keep Oconee Beautiful Association. This game was really a test to see if students, teachers, administrators and staff knew what we could recycle at WHS and if they knew what plastic film was. Students pilfered through our plastic film bins for things that would be high frequency items at home and school e.g. plastic snack bags and packaging materials. Students got the green light from our media specialists to quiz students and other visitors in the library. Our office staff also volunteered to be the guinea pigs for practice runs with this sorting game. Students were unable to deliver any videos of this happening but I’ve attached a video showing what’s inside the sorting game. At the beginning of the year we joined the Pepsi Recycle Rally as a way to compete with area schools. Our numbers were recorded at the recycling depot and entered into the Pepsi database. Our recycling coordinators shared the information they received from Pepsi which you can see below. We planned to broadcast this on the screen in every hall way as part of the teach component. One of our Economics teachers delved into the South Carolina Solid Waste Management Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018 while her student teacher took over her course load. This is what she cranked out, posted in all of the break rooms and projected on all the hallway monitors. 

Click on the attachment below to see pictures.

Jeanne Craig,
Apr 30, 2020, 7:25 AM