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WHS students partnered with Ms. Lisa Nock from Keep Oconee Beautiful and Ms. Maureen Whitman from the Solid Waste Department to learn about composting. Students learned about the different types of landfills, how much trash the average American creates daily and how composting is a simple solution to reduce waste and save space in landfills, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and amend soil so that fertilizers aren't needed. Students constructed their own mini-composters, often referred to as soda bottle bioreactors, using information from the presentation about the ratio of nitrogen rich greens and carbon rich browns. We will research different types of insulating materials to keep the temperature in the reactors at the optimum level to support the thermophilic decomposers that are working to turn the food scraps into soil. Once the soil is complete, we plan to grow plants with our composted soil to help support the pollinator garden.

October 24, 2018
compost lesson 1 photo

students in composting class picture 4

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students in composting class picture 4

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