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Bee Monitoring April 2019

Students concerned about a varroa mite infestation in the WHS observational hive took to monitoring the population using a "tape to trash" method. Bees are vigilant cleaners which means that what they throw in the "trash" can be collected, analyzed and monitored by place a piece of tape over a wire mesh at the bottom of the hive. The data collected is used to draw attention the hard knock life of the average honey bee, to make decisions treatments and the effectiveness of treatments. Over the course of 6 months students collected and replaced tape at the bottom of the observational hive. The tape was analyzed by students using a dissecting microscope and the data was recorded on the tape and placed outside of the classroom for the school to see. The rise and fall of the varroa mite and small hive beetle populations was apparent. We are thankful to work with local bee keepers to address infestation issues while encouraging students to mind their beeness.

April 2019
Students with bees picture 1

Students with bees picture 2

Picture of bees