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Green Steps

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Green Steps Walhalla High School
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Air: Stem Cuttings

Indoor Air Quality - Classroom Plants 2020



Reduce Waste, Share Table 2020

Water: water quality monitoring through Adopt A Stream program

Adopt A Stream Training 2020


Compost lessons

Composting Food Waste 2020

Reuse: art,

repurposing aluminum cans

upcycled tshirts

Litter Prevention: Litter Free Football Game

 Nature Trail

Recycle: school-wide paper, plastic, steel cans, cardboard

Recycle On-site, Off-site and Mail in Recycling

 Pollinator Garden

Green Purchasing


 Bee Monitoring, Maintenance, Treatment

Bee Monitoring 2020

Green Steps Schools designation was created in 2003 as part of South Carolina’s “Resource Conservation Challenge.” This environmental education initiative encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. 

Walhalla's High School teachers are taking on the Green Steps challenge!

We will be following the steps outlined here:

Throughout the year we will post information and pictures about our projects to conserve, protect, and restore areas of our school environment. We hope to recruit students to influence students in the school community to make earth friendly choices that positively affect on our environment.

Current Team Leaders
1. Amanda Gladys
Terry Buckallew
Meg Anderson 
4. Mike Goyne
5. Teena Hunt
6. Kristen Ambrose
7. James Powell

Please contact any of the above teachers if you would like to get involved.


Please Recycle BannerRecycling At Football Game Picture