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Math Department

Mathematics Is Important!

The study of mathematics is becoming increasingly important for students to have the skills necessary to be successful in today’s technological society. Many current and future jobs require that employees be knowledgeable in basic algebra and statistics. Employers want personnel to be able to the use abstract reasoning skills like those encountered in algebra and statistics classes, as well as in geometry, precalculus, and calculus classes. Mathematics develops reasoning and thinking skills and helps to prepare students to be competitive in the global economy of the 21st century.

Students planning to continue their educations beyond high school need to be college ready. Not only do students need a strong foundation in mathematics to avoid remedial classes in college, they need many of the executive functions such as organizing, prioritizing, persistence, and self-regulation which are developing as students progress through high school. As a department, we work to enhance these skills, and encourage students to become more responsible for their own learning.

The study of mathematics opens many doors to lucrative careers and successful lives.  Projections indicate that 1.2 million high-paying job openings will exist in the STEM fields by 2018, and many of these will not be filled (Mathmedia.com). According to the Jobs Rated Report for 2015, the top 50 jobs (rated on work environment, stress level, and hiring outlook, among other criteria) rely heavily on a strong mathematics background. The top 10 jobs in the report are as follows:

1. Actuary (statistician for insurance companies)
2. Audiologist
3. Mathematician
4. Statistician
5. Biomedical Engineer
6. Data Scientist
7. Dental Hygienist
8. Software Engineer
9. Occupational Therapist
10. Computer Systems Analyst

One theme that unites our mathematics department is the belief that all students can realize success in our mathematics courses. We believe that even though we put forth our best to prepare rigorous and engaging lessons which meet and exceed the standards requirements of South Carolina, we also understand that each student has a major part in his or her own education. Our mathematics faculty is available to assist every student as needed to achieve success. We truly care about your student’s achievement!

Walhalla High School’s Mathematics Department combines 170 years of experience in the classroom, and draws from many diverse experiences outside of academia as well. 
Mrs. Meg AndersonDepartment Chair
Dr. Rebecca Duke
Mrs. Tammy Fodor
Ms. Rebekah Fogle
Mrs. Emily Gravley
Mrs. Cathy Plowden
Dr. Jane Reed
Ms. Katie Santulli
Mrs. Susan Watt
Mrs. Laura Worsham